Reviews of Our Escape Rooms

"Had the best time, well thought out story! Challenging room! We all enjoyed ourselves!"  --Jessica H.

"The Kill Room got us, but we had SO much fun solving puzzles and working as a team to try and escape the Vantucky Ripper! This is a well thought-out experience with excellent decorations, great puzzles and just the right amount of challenge. Try it and you won't be disappointed!"  --Sarah W.

"This was so much fun! We didn't escape, but it was still a great time and I can't wait to go again!"  --Stephanie H.

"So much fun! Challenging but possible, you just have to pause and think! I'm slightly disappointed we made our way out, only because I want to go back! Looking forward to new rooms!"  --Justine M.

"My friends and I had an absolute blast! So well thought out, great decor to fit the theme, challenging puzzles and killer storyline! Highly recommend for any group for a fun evening!"  --Charmaine M.

"It had a great ambiance for the theme. I am definitely going to recommend this experience to friends." --Stephen M.

"OMG, my paranormal team , NWPOR, went to this and it was so much! We had such a blast! It is challenging! We didn't make it, but it is totally worth to back and trying again! Everyone who works there are amazing and nice! I highly recommend doing this, you will not regret it!"  --Marsha M.

"We loved it!! Great detail and really engaging storyline and puzzles. Perfect for a night out with friends. I'm ready for another one!"  --Donae F.

"It was a great time and really challenged us. We will go again."  --Gavin S. NWPOR