Team Building Becomes an Unforgettable Experience in our Escape Rooms

Escape rooms can be a great way to make employees feel more connected to each other and the organization itself. Sometimes it takes a change of scenery to help push your team in a direction where they can enjoy their time together while growing from a unique experience.

Escape rooms are emerging as some of the top games used by corporations to help foster team development. It’s easier for employees to develop their teamwork skills after they have been subjected to conditions of an escape experience. The room helps inspire the employees to develop cooperation by requiring everyone to contribute towards the success of the team if they want to escape from the room. This is a unique experience where you and your colleagues will interact and work on communication under stressful, yet fun, conditions. The interaction between team members helps create the perfect environment for companies to work on team building and cohesiveness.

Respect for Contribution

Each player has a unique set of skills which help solve certain problems. No one can solve the room by themselves. This makes each member of the group involved in the game and helps develop respect for the contribution of others. This reliance on communication and critical thinking are aspects that create more effective employees.

Camaraderie Under Pressure

The simulated pressure created for the teams to escape forces the group perform under a stressful situation. Even if there are employees who have poor relationships in the workplace, the pressure will require each member to contribute if they want to successfully escape. The ability to work together and perform in stressful situations is critical to the success of every team or business.

Effective Communication

Relationships cannot thrive without open communication, and the same goes for businesses both large and small. It's not easy to improve something if you don't know what's holding you back. Communication methods such as email, telephone, messaging, and face to face communication all have a valuable purpose and come along with a variety of benefits. However, communicating in person with no technology or distractions is key to making it out of the escape room. Identifying a common goal, such as escaping in under 60 minutes, can help your team adopt similar mindsets and focus on being successful together.

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