It's the morning after a raging party in Las Vegas and you've got no memory of the previous night. Not only is the hotel room destroyed, but you've insulted the Casino Boss and stolen his coke!

You've got 60 minutes to retrace your footsteps, find the coke and save your best friend Doug before The Boss whacks you and buries you in the Nevada desert! Just another typical weekend in Vegas! Can you get it together and check out of The Hangover Hotel with your lives before time runs out?

What happened in Vegas? ....Seriously, what happened? 

Adult themes, adult activity, language, sexually-oriented, substance abuse or other elements not suitable for children under the age of 16.  This room is not for the easily offended.  

The Hangover Hotel is a 3 star hotel and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, offering first class accommodations, beautiful views and top shelf amenities! Voted the 28th best hotel in Sin City back in 1977, The Hangover Hotel is known for its excellent customer service and for being the pioneer of the discount all you can eat steak and sushi buffet. There's always something going down at the Hangover Hotel! Book your room today!