The Kill Room Escape Experience

On October 25th, 1988, by the light of a full moon, the family of Norman and Laurie Watts were abducted from the safety of their quiet suburban home in Vancouver, Washington. Blind folded and drugged, they awoke to find themselves trapped in a cage inside a madman’s Kill Room. Locked in with them were their 2 daughters, Nancy and Kristine. In a separate cage was their youngest child, Ronnie Earl Watts.  He was 8 years old. 

Over the course of 48 hours, Ronnie Earl was forced to witness unspeakable horrors, as his family was brutally murdered in front of him, one after another. The Killer taunted Ronnie, promising that he’d be last. The room was filled with blood curdling screams that sent Ronnie deeper and deeper into psychosis. 

Ronnie Earl Watts was found the morning of October 27th, wandering the streets of Vancouver, speechless, in a state of shock and covered in blood. He led the Police back to the headless bodies of his family in the basement Kill Room, where the serial killer had butchered them all. The killer’s body was found in the bathtub, dead by apparent electrocution. It’s believed that Ronnie was able to outsmart his captor by escaping his cell, working his way through the cramped walls of the Kill Room, where he came upon the unsuspecting killer, taking a bath. Ronnie took his revenge by dropping a TV into the tub, ending the madman’s reign of terror. But this is purely speculation. He was institutionalized shortly after the experience and the heads of his family members have never been found! The only person that truly knows what happened is Ronnie Earl Watts, but he hasn’t spoken a word in 28 years. In his mind, he died in that Kill Room. What was born was pure evil….

On October 27th, 2015 Ronnie Earl Watts escaped the Washington State Psychiatric Hospital with the help of a former employee, Sam Russo. Driven insane by his childhood trauma, Ronnie has recreated the Kill Room from his own memories and has begun abducting innocent families to put them through the same horrors that his own family experienced. He has become the killer! 

The press has dubbed him, “The Vantucky Ripper,” and tonight you get to see the kill room for yourself.